Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Update on "awful experience at CVS"

i called CVS CS hotline bright and early at 11am on monday lol(kids slept in and i forgot til Michael reminded me...) the CS rep was very nice and agreed that the store "manager" was wrong. She said the stores are not allowed to create their own policies. CVS policy is that IP coupons are ok as long as they scan and you can use 1 manufacturers coupon and one CVS coupon PER item. She also said that the guy i talked to was NOT the store manager, just a shift manager and should not have treated me that way. She was forwarding the complaint to the regional manager nad the real store manager to get them to deal with him and re-educate the store on the coupon policy. She was also nice enough to credit my account w/a new $5 off purchase coupon. It was supposed to print today when i went in but i didnt go:( so ill have to check tomorrow.
After i talked to CS i went to a different CVS and the cashier was amazed by how much i saved:) She started asking me for pointers on clipping coupons and saving money!!!! It was great!!!!!!


alanajo said...

Im so glad they are going to do something about it. No one deserves to be treated that way. Did you end up getting your $5?

MotherGoose said...

yes i did:) it printed out of the CRT