Sunday, August 10, 2008

A little about me.....

We are an increasingly crunchy and thrifty family. I have started this blog to keep track of our journey to becomming crunchier and thriftier;)
Three years ago i never would have imagined that i would be who i am today. I was perfectly content coaching gymnastics and dating the most awesome man in the WHOLE world! But as my goals and priorities evolved i realized that i wasnt who i thought i was.....
While pregnant with my oldest daughter(who will be 2 tomorrow) i stumbled on a post about cloth diapers on a BBC birth board. I had been complaining to Michael about the cost of diapers only the day before and had not even realized cloth was an option. But it wasnt the cost that won me over...Nor was it the fact that they are enviromentally frindly.....Can you guess?? It was because they come in pink!!!! Nope im not kidding. I saw that hot pink diaper and i was sold!! Since then we have branched out to try other green items. Since i hate buying stuff that will essentially end up in a landfill, i was an easy convert!!!!
Cloth diapers, cloth wipes, reusable bags for dirty diapers, cloth pads, family cloth, cloth tissues, cloth shopping bags and more!!! We are even looking into converting our van into being more energy efficient and getting better gas mileage.
I currently make our own bread and read products, can homemade jellies, jams, preserves and salsas and love harvesting our own fruits and veggies. (From a local organic farm, i do NOT have a green thumb, unfortunately.)
Most of our lifestyle changes are in an effort to make sure our children grow up happy and safe, but without leaving a negative impact on the enviroment. I dream of having a small farm where we can have our own laying hens and a cow. I would love to be entirely sulf sufficient and NEVER have to set foot in a grocery store lol.
But in the meantime, i have become a little more excited about shopping since i discovered coupons and CVS:) It has become a game for me to see how much i can get for as little out of pocket as possible. Michael calls me the coupon queen lol.
Todays bargains to come-Rite Aid, Walgreens, and CVS.

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