Saturday, August 16, 2014

My kids are heartbroken...and its YOUR FAULT

Thats right YOU. I know you dont know me, you've never met my kids but guess what its still YOUR fault. And here's why. Our society has a huge issue with disposable items. No, this isnt a cloth diaper post. Dishes, furniture, cars, pets. Everything is disposable at will. Couch gets stained, buy a new one. Cup gets left outside, toss it. Car breaks down just get a new one. And i totally get sometimes its cheaper to buy new than repair or replace. We totally just bought a new car instead of putting thousands of dollars into a 16 year old one. But this isnt about cars, its about animals.
But just for fun im going to start at the end....
First thing this morning, after staying up two nights in a row to force feed puppies fluids and meds every 1-2 hours i got to tell my kids that one died. Because i was irresponsible and didnt spay my pet? NO. Because someone else was and i was trying to clean up the mess. You can get pets spayed for $20-30. DO IT!!!! Your pet doesnt need offspring. Be responsible. Because THIS is what happens. And no, I wont post pictures of my 8 year old bawling her eyes out holding a dead puppy. That would be cruel. So is not fixing your pets.
And trust me i know what you are thinking, its ok if my dog/cat has babies. Babies are cute, ill find them homes easily. If that were true, why would hundred, thousands even of BABY animals be put to sleep in shelters every week?!?!!? IDK, maybe you are right. Maybe those just werent "cute" enough. BTW you can have the most beautiful dog in the world and it can have not so cute puppies. (Been there too. Husky+ weenie dog= eek)
So say your precious pooch get out and gets knocked up. Out come FIFTEEN puppies!!!!! Do you know 15 people wanting a puppy? probably not. So 8 weeks later you have 9 left, or more. They are no longer little rolly polly puff balls. They are bigger and teething, and not house trained yet and nipping. So you take them to the shelter. Because "they are cute, someone will adopt them". Except the shelter is overfull. And you know who gets put to sleep first? Babies!!!!Cute and cuddly doesnt save them.
Now say they are lucky, a rescue pulls them. ut they were already in the shelter for a day or two, exposed to tons of germs, including parvo. They are BABIES!!!  They arent immune to anything and they go from healthy wiggly pups to dead with little or no warning.
So I get some of these puppies as a foster witha  rescue. My children help me bathe them, name them, love them. They talk about what kind of family will adopt them and where they will live. They go to sleep dreaming of these bright futures..... and wake up being told they didnt make it despite mommy staying up all night to give fluids and meds.
Thats not my problem, you say.
True. Its not mine either. But as my father told me loooong ago. If you arent part of the solution, you are part of the problem. You may not have pets, yours may be fixed, you may not even LIKE pets. But every time you scroll past a plea for donation on a FB rescue group, or walk by an adoption without tossing your spare change in the donation jar, throw away old towels and blankets instead of donating them, YOU choose to not help. You choose NOT to foster for 24 hours and that puppy dies. You dont have to do it ALL, you just have to do SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Rescues do everything they can. We are short of foster homes, short on supplies and short on FUNDS.
If you read this and choose to do nothing, YOU have now chosen to become part of the problem.
Find a local rescue, donate time, talent, funds, anything!!!!! I will leave you with this.
12 hours ago Sonny and Cher were bouncing around with tails wagging. They were "a little sick". Now Sonny is dead. Cher and their brother Erik are at the vet. Erik is not doing well. So here's how you help. Too busy to foster? You are going to help us save these puppies. You are going to donate. Paypal address is Put sonny and cher in the notes. All funds will go to their care. Every penny. Every dollar helps.