Sunday, August 31, 2008

Walgreen's, Rite Aid and Kroger scores!!!


Rite Aid trip-Saturday, August 30, 2008


12 L'Oreal Vive Pro Hydro Gloss shampoos/conditioners $4.99, BOGO
2 Lysol Neutra Air sprays $2.99, BOGO
2 M&M premiums $3.99
2 Air Wick minis $4.99 each(sale price)

-6 L'Oreal Vive Pro BOGO coupons ($29.94)
-1 Lysol Neutra Air BOGO coupon ($2.99)
-BIGI M&M premiums coupon ($3.99)
-$3/1 peelie from Air wicks(2)

Total Before Coupons $50.89
Total after coupons $7.97+tax

$2 SCR for August

Kroger trip, Saturday August 30, 2008


6 Fuze drinks 10/$10
4 Hunts puddings 10/$10

-.75/2 hunts coupon (2)
-3 BOGO Fuze coupons

Total Before coupons $10
Total after coupons $5.50 + tax

Walgreens Trip, August 30, 2008


4-Glade Scented oil Warmers $4.49, BOGO
2-Glade scented oil refills $4.49
2- Glade plugins 2/$3
Soliel Razor+2 blade refill packs $6.99 each
Powerade .79
Pert Plus $3.79

-BOGO Glade scented oil warmer coupon (x2)
-BOGO scented oil refill coupon
-$1/1 ESR scented oil coupon
-$1/1 manufacturers coupon for scented oil refills
-$2/1 soleil ESR coupons (x3)
-$3/1 soleil manufacturer coupon(x3)
-$1/1 Powerade coupon
-$3/1 Pert Plus

Total Before coupons $44.32
Total after coupons $10.03

$9.79 August ESR
$4 September ESR

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

24 cent cloth diapers at Walgreens!!!!

Im sooooooooo excited!!!!! I happened to stop by Walgreens while Kaela was sleeping and checked out the "Last Chance" clearance end cap. I found 3-6 packs of 100% cotton cloth diapers with no price so i took them to the cashier and had him do a price check. They were $1.47 each!!!! So i bought all 3 packs-not even really knowing anything size wise. But since they are 100% cotton i figured they would be good anyways:) So i get home and open them and tey are stretchy gauze flats!!!! Ive been looking for stretchy gauze flats for months with no luck. And to think they were at Walgreens all along lol. So check your local Walgreens. For 24 cents a piece they are awesome to have around as backup diapers, burp cloths or even blankets:)
I'm washing mine now and will let you know a finished size but prewashed they are comprable to LL flats(prewashed)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Awesome deals at Rite Aid and Walgreen's!!!

Well i stopped by a Rite Aid near my house this am after dropping Michael off at work-both kids in tow-and they would not take my BOGO coupons on top of the BOGO sales:( So i headed home, but on the way saw a Walgreen's and decided to drop in:)

For $3.43 OOP i got:


2 post it notes (.39 each)
2 M&M Premiums (2/$8)
Bic Soleil Razor blades ($6.99)
3 Milky Way bars (.39 each)
Dove Shampoo and Conditioner (2/$4.99)
Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner ($6.99 each)
Sunsilk Shampo and Conditioner ($2.29 each on clearance)
2 St. Ives cleansers ($4.99 each)

Total before coupons w/tax $69.42

BOGO M&M coupon (-$3.71)
EasySaver $2/2 M&M coupon
EasySaver $2 off Bic coupon
Bic $3/1 coupon
2-$2/1 Dove coupons
2-$6/1 Pantene coupons
2-$1.50/1 Sunsilk coupons
BOGO St. Ives coupon (-$4.99)
3-$5 RR

paid $3.43 OOP(I tried to use more RR but i had reached my limit)

After we picked up Michael, we stopped by a different RA. (I called ahead and they said if the computer accepted the coupons, they didnt have a problem with them!!!)

For $0 OOP($10.01 on a RA giftcard i received fro transfering a Rx..)


8 Loreal Vive Hydra Gloss Shampoos and Conditioners ($4.99 BOGO)
Maxwell House coffee for Michael ($5.29)
Colgate toothpaste ($1.99)
BeFine mask ($1.99)
SoyJoy bar (.99)
L'Oreal moisturizer ($7.99 BOGO cleanser free)
Skin Genesis cleanser (FREE)
2 St Ives face washes ($6.99 BOGO)
4 St Ives travel sized lotions (.99 BOGO)

Total before coupons $44.47

4 BOGO L'oreal Vive coupons (-$4.99 each)
$5 off Maxwell House RA coupon
$1.50/1 colgate coupon
$5/1 BeFine product
.39 off SoyJoy bar
$1/1 L'oreal cleanser
BOGO St Ives elements coupon (-$6.99)
2-$1/1 St Ives lotion coupons

Total after coupons $7.71, put on GC so i paid NOTHING OOP!!!!!!

So, today i got over $100 worth of items for under $4 OOP!!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Update on "awful experience at CVS"

i called CVS CS hotline bright and early at 11am on monday lol(kids slept in and i forgot til Michael reminded me...) the CS rep was very nice and agreed that the store "manager" was wrong. She said the stores are not allowed to create their own policies. CVS policy is that IP coupons are ok as long as they scan and you can use 1 manufacturers coupon and one CVS coupon PER item. She also said that the guy i talked to was NOT the store manager, just a shift manager and should not have treated me that way. She was forwarding the complaint to the regional manager nad the real store manager to get them to deal with him and re-educate the store on the coupon policy. She was also nice enough to credit my account w/a new $5 off purchase coupon. It was supposed to print today when i went in but i didnt go:( so ill have to check tomorrow.
After i talked to CS i went to a different CVS and the cashier was amazed by how much i saved:) She started asking me for pointers on clipping coupons and saving money!!!! It was great!!!!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Awful experience at CVS

So we were out and it was 9pm. I decided since some coupons expired today that we would go to cvs by the grocery store then, instead of after the kids went to sleep. it is my LEAST favorite cvs, the kids were tired and wild and i had dh's transaction ready to go w/coupons. i didnt check the prices but the total was $2 more than i estimated i didnt care bc the kids needed to get home. dh took the bag i grabbed the receipt...and noticed the buddies did not ring up ecb value (the soaps/shampoos/etc not the 94 cent bars ) then i noticed they did not ring up sale value, even though it was on the tag so i asked ... and my least favorite manager walked over he complains about my coupons, refuses them, is very hostile, etc....while she was ringing up transaction 2 he decided they would no longer take my IP coupons unless they were uncut from the paper it printed on so i said fine, i dont want the colgate. then i showed him in the ad where it said johnson buddies and walked him over to the hang tag that said they counted. and he said "no" i explained that they have been counting elsewhere and he decided i had multiple cards and had already done the deal yeah, right, my only card keeps me busy enough i explained that i knew bc of the internet....he said they didnt count and WEREN'T on sale(we all know its on sell) so i said i wanted a return on transaction 1 and to cancel transaction 2. AND i wanted my coupons back he complained about getting them out of the drawer, asked the cashier if they were ALL mine(like im going to steal coupons ) then when i corrected him about the return amount(i only pd $2.21 and he was about to return $12.xx) he complained more so now i have to get both dds to sleep and go to the other CVS before midnight i did get his name and store # and WILL call in a complaint at 8am

CVS Scenarios August 10, 2008

Transaction 1

  • Alavert- $5.99, Earn $3 ECB

$4/1 manufacturers coupon HERE

  • Colgate- $2.99 B1G1 free

2- $1.50/1 coupon found in August All You magazine(available at Walmart)

  • CVS brand cotton swabs- $1.50

$2/1 CVS skincare coupon-will probably adjust to $1.50/1

$2/10 CVS coupon

Total before coupons $10.48

Total after coupons -.02 or -.52 before tax:)

*You may have to grab a small "filler" item at the cash register. I just allow my cashier to make the - disappear if i dont see something i need.

$0 OOP, $3 ECB

Transaction 2

  • Colgate toothpaste-$2.99 B1G1 free

2- $1.50/1 coupon from August All You

  • Huggies Wipes- 2/$5

$3/2 coupon from home mailer

  • CVS sunscreen-$2.19

$2/1 CVS skincare coupon

$2/10 CVS coupon

Total before coupons $10.18

Total after coupons $.18

Transaction 3

  • 3 Energizer AA or AA batteries- $2.99 each

3-$1/1 manufacterers coupon

  • Skin Effects-$6.99, get $5 ECB

$2/1 beauty book coupon

  • J&J buddies- $2.99

$2/2 coupon

$4/20 CVS coupon

Total before coupons $21.94

Total after coupons $10.94

pay $8 and $2.62 on CVS money cards, pay $.32 OOP

Get $5 ECB

Transaction 4

  • 2-Energizer AA or AA batteries- $2.99

2-$1/1 manufactures coupon

  • CVS brand cotton swabs- $1.50

$2/1 CVS skin care coupon

  • Johnson buddies-$2.99

$2/2 manufacturers coupon

  • 2 Pert Plus-$3.99 B1G1 free (rainchecks)

4-$2/1 coupons

$4/20 CVS coupon

Total before coupons $21.44

Total after coupons $3.44, use $3 ECB, .44 OOP

Transaction 5

  • Huggies wipes- 2/$5

$3/2 coupon from home mailer

  • CVS brand cotton swabs- $1.50

$2/1 CVS skin care coupon

  • Energizer AA or AAA batteries- $2.99

$1/1 manufacturers coupon

  • any filler for .51

$2/10 CVS coupon

Total before coupons $10

Total after coupons $2, use $2 ECB, pay tax OOP

get $5 ECB for batteries deal, $5 ECB for baby deal

August 10, 2008 Thrifty Walgreens finds

After leaving RA, I headed to walgreens.

  • Bic Stic Pens(blue and black)- 2/$1, i got 4 packs of 8

2x $1/2 manufacturers coupon

Total cost: 0

  • Bic Soleil Razor- $5.99

$2/1 August Easy saver coupon

$3/1 manufacturer coupon

Ttal cost: .99

AND the machine spit out another $3/1 coupon when i paid!!!!

  • Glade Plug in Scented Oil-$4.99

$4/1 manufacturers coupon

*$2 August Rebate*

Total cost: .99

  • Aquafresh toothpaste-$2.19

B1G1 walgreens coupon in this weeks ad

$1/1 manufacturers coupon

Total cost: $1.19 for 2

  • Sunmaid raisins-$1.99 on sale

Total cost $6.14 with tax, pd w/ $5 RR and $1.14 OOP

August 10, 2008 Thrifty Finds at Rite Aid

I managed to hit 3 stores while Makaela was sleeping(Mackenzie went with me and was very good).

First i went to Rite Aid. I had a $30 gift card from transferring a Rx. The RA coupons came in an insert brochure at my store. They are labeled manufacturers coupons but i was able to use them in addition to "real" manufacturers coupons:)

  • Air Wick decosphere-$2.49

$1/1 RA coupon

$1.50/1 manufacturers coupon

Total cost : -.01

  • Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel-$2.99

.75/1 RA coupon

.55/1 manufacturers coupon

Total cost: $1.69 (not a great deal but i needed it)

  • Suave Body Wash- 2 at $2.49 each

B1G1 Free manufacturers coupon

$1/1 RA coupon

Total cost: $1.49 for 2

  • Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner- $1.99 on sale

.50/1 RA coupon

.50/1 manufacturers coupon

Total cost: .99

  • Oust Air Sanitizer- 2/$5 on sale

$2/2 manufacturer coupon

Total cost: $3 for 2

  • Bic Permenant markers- 2/$1 on sale

$1/2 manufacturers coupon

Total cost: 0

  • 4 cups for Mackenzie(pink w/ fish) $1

Total w/Tax $9.82 on RA gift card

$0 OOP

Then i got another prescription transferred. Cost was $8.99 and i received another $30 GC!!!

So i spent $8.99 OOP (forgot my GC when i pd for Rx #2), Got $20.62 worth of merchandise(and my Rx) and have $50.18 in GC!!!!!

A little about me.....

We are an increasingly crunchy and thrifty family. I have started this blog to keep track of our journey to becomming crunchier and thriftier;)
Three years ago i never would have imagined that i would be who i am today. I was perfectly content coaching gymnastics and dating the most awesome man in the WHOLE world! But as my goals and priorities evolved i realized that i wasnt who i thought i was.....
While pregnant with my oldest daughter(who will be 2 tomorrow) i stumbled on a post about cloth diapers on a BBC birth board. I had been complaining to Michael about the cost of diapers only the day before and had not even realized cloth was an option. But it wasnt the cost that won me over...Nor was it the fact that they are enviromentally frindly.....Can you guess?? It was because they come in pink!!!! Nope im not kidding. I saw that hot pink diaper and i was sold!! Since then we have branched out to try other green items. Since i hate buying stuff that will essentially end up in a landfill, i was an easy convert!!!!
Cloth diapers, cloth wipes, reusable bags for dirty diapers, cloth pads, family cloth, cloth tissues, cloth shopping bags and more!!! We are even looking into converting our van into being more energy efficient and getting better gas mileage.
I currently make our own bread and read products, can homemade jellies, jams, preserves and salsas and love harvesting our own fruits and veggies. (From a local organic farm, i do NOT have a green thumb, unfortunately.)
Most of our lifestyle changes are in an effort to make sure our children grow up happy and safe, but without leaving a negative impact on the enviroment. I dream of having a small farm where we can have our own laying hens and a cow. I would love to be entirely sulf sufficient and NEVER have to set foot in a grocery store lol.
But in the meantime, i have become a little more excited about shopping since i discovered coupons and CVS:) It has become a game for me to see how much i can get for as little out of pocket as possible. Michael calls me the coupon queen lol.
Todays bargains to come-Rite Aid, Walgreens, and CVS.