Sunday, August 10, 2008

Awful experience at CVS

So we were out and it was 9pm. I decided since some coupons expired today that we would go to cvs by the grocery store then, instead of after the kids went to sleep. it is my LEAST favorite cvs, the kids were tired and wild and i had dh's transaction ready to go w/coupons. i didnt check the prices but the total was $2 more than i estimated i didnt care bc the kids needed to get home. dh took the bag i grabbed the receipt...and noticed the buddies did not ring up ecb value (the soaps/shampoos/etc not the 94 cent bars ) then i noticed they did not ring up sale value, even though it was on the tag so i asked ... and my least favorite manager walked over he complains about my coupons, refuses them, is very hostile, etc....while she was ringing up transaction 2 he decided they would no longer take my IP coupons unless they were uncut from the paper it printed on so i said fine, i dont want the colgate. then i showed him in the ad where it said johnson buddies and walked him over to the hang tag that said they counted. and he said "no" i explained that they have been counting elsewhere and he decided i had multiple cards and had already done the deal yeah, right, my only card keeps me busy enough i explained that i knew bc of the internet....he said they didnt count and WEREN'T on sale(we all know its on sell) so i said i wanted a return on transaction 1 and to cancel transaction 2. AND i wanted my coupons back he complained about getting them out of the drawer, asked the cashier if they were ALL mine(like im going to steal coupons ) then when i corrected him about the return amount(i only pd $2.21 and he was about to return $12.xx) he complained more so now i have to get both dds to sleep and go to the other CVS before midnight i did get his name and store # and WILL call in a complaint at 8am


Jennifer said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! Let us know how it turns out!!

alanajo said...

OMG!!! I cant believe he treated you that way. I too would have called CS on him.