Sunday, September 14, 2008

WARNING on Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel...PLEASE READ

ok i know a bunch of us bought this as part of the Scrubbing Bubbles RR deal at Walgreens last week so im posting here.
We tested all our new Scrubbing bubbles products yesterday by cleaning the bathrooms...and placed the gel discs in the toilets w/ 2 in the main bathroom. well... today dd was pottying by the main potty and saw the blue discs in the big potty. She decided to check them out and reached in the potty and pulled them off. I went to check on here and she had placed herself in time out. But i couldnt figure out where the "cleaner" smell was coming from. a few minutes later it hit me. She was immediately washed off and we made her drink milk and called poison control. Scrubbing Bubbles did not put active ingredients anywhere on this box or online where PC could find. DD is fine she did not seem to ingest any and her skin is not irritated but BE CAREFUL if you plan to use this stuff and have toddlers:2cents: Since we cant figure out whats in it we are tossing ours. Just be careful, each gel disc stays in the toilet for 7 days. so if you use it, keep an eye on your toddler or keep the door closed or locked. i can only imagine what would happen if someone ate it:(

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